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Writing Music

Composition Competition

Each April we hold our Composition Competition.

Compositions can be in any style for any of our Music Society ensembles. A list of the ensembles and their sizes is below. Please be mindful of our ensemble capacities and rehearsal times when you enter.


Entries to the competition are announced by email, and the competition is usually judged by a panel of Composition lecturers from the University.


2022 – Michael Triggs
("Earth" – Symphony Orchestra)

2021 – Reuben Tozer-Loft
("La Victoria" – Chamber Choir)

2020 – n/a

2019 – Chris Allen
("The Sirens" – Brass Band)

2018 – Jess Bowen
("Boleo Furia" – Wind Band)

2017 – Peter Leavy
("Pentimento" – Philharmonic Orchestra)

2016 – Oliver Frost
("Drawn Onward" – Philharmonic Orchestra)

2015 – William Tuckwell
("Action Plan for Life inside a Window" – Symphony Orchestra)

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