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The University's Music Department is part of the Healthy Conservatoires network - a group who assist in the promotion of health and occupational Wellbeing for performing artists. Staff work with colleagues from higher education and professional arts organisations to share best practice and continually develop the Health and Wellbeing provision that is available to society members.

Being part of the Music Society is the first step in improving your health and Wellbeing. Not only does this give you access to numerous workshops, masterclasses and resources listed below, it connects you to a network of like-minded musicians who are likely to become your biggest support network during your time at University.

Performance Discussion


PERFOrmance Coaching

If you are a recitalist, choir member, orchestral musician, or any kind of performer who gets anxious about public performance, these sessions are a great way to confront any problems you face.

Alexander Technique

A specialist visits regularly throughout the year for individual sign up sessions. If you’ve never experienced it before – we can’t recommend Alexander Technique enough for your general wellbeing and the huge effect it can have on your overall performance. 


Eliza McCarthy, mindfulness expert and professional pianist will be running sessions on mindfulness in music – if this is something you’ve wanted to find out more about then look out for emails detailing how to sign up.


Members of the Music Society can benefit from the many support systems that are offered by University Music. There are many programmes in place which aim to help our members develop as performers and composers.


Our Resident Ensemble programme combines longstanding partnerships with annual appointments to best support the diverse music activity on campus. Professional ensembles work with student musicians and composers to encourage their development and to provide students with a broad range of experiences.

Workshops and Masterclasses

In addition to regular rehearsals and Resident Ensembles activities University Music also organise workshops and masterclasses throughout the year to support individual performers and student conductors. 


The University offers 15 scholarships a year to talented young musicians who wish to continue instrumental or vocal lessons whilst studying a subject other than music.​ For information on scholarships and how to apply


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Join the Student Committee

Every November we vote in our new Music Society committee. Why not put yourself forward and get hand on experience in the running of the Society? 

Steward at the University's professional concerts

The Barber Concerts team recruit for student volunteers each year to steward at their lunchtime and evening concerts. Why not get involved to get experience in a professional music environment and maybe catch some internationally renowned chamber music while you’re there!

Add to your birmingham award

Your involvement in Music Society ensembles can earn you recognition towards your Birmingham Award – this is a great addition to your CV and could help you to stand out to employers. If you’re already involved in the Music Society then you’re well on your way to your Birmingham Award. 



If you have a Student Support Agreement in place with your department that you think could impact your involvement in an ensemble you can talk to Gavin Allsop and Eoin Funnell  about this in confidence. This might include getting music in larger print, on different coloured paper, or having an agreement in place about absences from rehearsals.


Each academic year we run a Health and Wellbeing lecture series with talks from a variety of industry professionals including medical practitioners from the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), Performance coaches and Alexander Technique specialists. These will be every Wednesday evening at 6pm during October.

Sport Psychology Workshops

We’ve recently linked up with the High Performance department at UoB Sport to see how we can learn from their methods of performance preparation. We will be bringing you workshops from the Sports Psychology team throughout the year so you can use their techniques for your own performances. We also advise taking full use of the sports facilities for yoga, pilates and other relaxation classes that could benefit your wellbeing.

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