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Are you interested in applying for a committee position?

Every year the Music Society elects a new committee to run different parts of the society. The elections take place in our Annual General Meeting, which will take place in November. ​ Teamwork is the most important part of being on the committee! The committee as a whole, and various ‘sub-committees’ formed of a smaller number of people, work best when there is a lot of communication to ensure that the society runs smoothly. ​ There are many important events throughout the year, not least our concerts (for all or most of which you will be expected to be available)! So you must make sure that you are able to be fully committed when required (Welcome Week, Auditions Week – week 1 of the academic year, Open Days etc), not only for your specific role. ​ Committee meetings usually take place every four weeks, on Wednesday afternoons. Please remember you must be prepared to contribute to the agenda, and pay careful attention to all the goings-on in the society as well as that part for which you are responsible!

The staff on the committee, and those in the wider Music Department and University Music, will work closely with you and assist you in your individual and group roles where appropriate. ​ Do not underestimate the dedication required, but similarly do not underestimate how fun and rewarding an opportunity this can be!

Committee Positions


The Student President must have a good all-round knowledge of how the Music Society works and what is going on. Foremost, they manage the committee, ensuring that everyone is aware of what needs to be done. Working closely with the Publicity team, they must also be aware of the wider public image of the society, and act as a first point of contact for both external queries, and some questions and suggestions from Music Society members. The President meets with the University Music Manager on a weekly basis.


The Music Society Secretary is responsible for organising and distributing committee meeting agendas as well as taking and distributing minutes for each meeting. In addition to this, they will organise rotas for committee members for important events, like Society concerts which all need backstage and front-of-house assistance.

Online and Digital Administrator

This position requires close contact with the rest of the Publicity Team to maintain and update the society website as and whenever necessary, as well as to take joint responsibility with the rest of the online team for the continued subscription to various administrative services and their working order (e.g. web hosts, server hosts, mailing platforms).

Mailings & Membership Officer

Mailings and Membership Officer Membership information and contact details of all of the society’s members must be compiled and maintained, and the Mailings and Membership Officer uses various technologies to ensure the smooth running of these aspects of the society. They should also be responsible for overseeing the membership process, as well as ensuring that all committee emails are sent to the correct members of the society.

Publicity Officers (2 positions)

The publicity officers are responsible for promoting the society and its activities, both by working closely alongside the online/technology members of the Marketing and Communications team, and through other media, especially leaflets, flyers and posters. This team is also responsible, alongside the Student President, for organising the committee presence at Open Days and other similar events.

Social and Digital Media Officers (2 positions)

These roles involve managing the society Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (including those for the ‘UoBMS Recommends’), as well as working as part of the online part of the Marketing and Communications Team to ensure that all relevant technology is working as the society requires. Communication with the whole Marketing and Communications Team to ensure consistency between social media and other messages is essential.

Social Secretaries (2 positions)

Applications for this role are made as a pair. The two social secretaries take responsibility for organising society social events, for example the traditional Music Society Ball and Harborne Runs. Creativity is required; every year different events contribute to the social life of the Music Society.

Health and Wellbeing Officer

The Health and Wellbeing Officer is responsible for promoting the University's Health and Wellbeing offer to members of the Society, the focus of this is the promotion of the University Music Health and Wellbeing initiatives - aimed at supporting student musicians. This role includes the management of the specific Health and Wellbeing private group on Facebook.

Equality and Diversity Representative

As the Committee representative for equality and diversity in accordance with the university’s equality scheme 2016-2020, the aim is to promote equality and prevent discrimination and promote greater understanding between different groups within the membership of the society. Consideration to be given to areas including age, disability, gender identity, minority ethnic groups and religion/beliefs, while acting as a liaison between anyone with ideas for change within the society regarding equality and diversity.

Ensemble Managers

Ensemble managers must ensure the smooth running of their relevant ensemble. This involves keeping members up to date via email and Facebook, setting up rehearsals and making sure that everyone is given correct music as well as meeting and discussing where necessary with the conductor(s). Making announcements before or after rehearsals is also often necessary to pass on information from the Committee about upcoming events, merchandise sales (e.g. hoodies) and notices. Whenever an ensemble has a performance in an external venue, the Manager will be responsible for setting up (most commonly applicable to the Big Band and Jazz Collective).

Orchestra Co-ordinators

The two Orchestral Co-ordinators have very similar roles to other Ensemble Managers, but will work more closely with the University Music Manager and Administrator in many aspects. Each year, the society holds a concert or concerts in the Town Hall, and it will be the Co-ordinator’s job, along with the University Music team and other Committee members, to make sure that this runs smoothly (instrument transit, member signing-in etc.)

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